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You are about to take an emotionally and financially important step, you are looking for a new home to buy. It’s exciting and not common, so of course you are looking for professional support. A professional real estate agent can save you from dangers and help you with the business considerations in the purchasing process.

A good real estate agent will pay off. You don’t want to pay too much for your new home, right? Book your purchase counseling now!”


What we will do for you:

The real estate agent of Van Wijk Vastgoed & Makelaardij is an expert in his field, namely the housing market. An expert who only comes up for the interests of you as a buyer. Before you buy the house, you get to know everything about the area, what the prices are, who the neighbors are and what remains to be improved to the house. We even dare to step up and give the advice you should not buy the house, just because we only want you to be happy with your eventual purchase in the end.

A purchase broker can save you money, time and trouble by using it’s expertise, experience and market knowledge.”

Simon van Wijk

Approved purchasing broker of professional association:

That's why Van Wijk Vastgoed & Makelaardij

Expert in the housing market and expert settlement.
Insight in the value of the property.
A lower purchase price than you can obtain yourself.
Essential information about the property.
Represent your interests as a buyer.
Recognized buying agent of organization “VastgoedPRO”.

Recognized member of ``VastgoedPRO``

A buying agent / purchase broker of the professional organization “VastgoedPRO” can tell you all about:

Inventory of your lifestyle wishes.
Translating your wishes into suitable offers.
The duty to investigate for you as a buyer.
The steps of the purchase process.
Conducting (price) negotiations.
The transfer of your home at the notary.

What will it cost, purchase counseling?

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The investment is € 350,- + 10% on the difference between the asking price and the purchase price, with a minimum of € 1195,- including VAT, for a complete home search the minimum is €1995,-.


Questions or an appointment?

If you have questions or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us via the contact form or call directly with the broker at +316 4810 7434.

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